Peter Jordan is a psychologist in Brisbane with many years of experience. Through his psychology practice, Psychlaw, he provides a range of services to the legal sector including reports in family matters (Family Reports and risk assessments), child protection matters (social assessment reports), criminal matters (presentence reports), and civil matters (medico-legal reports).

Peter regularly provides reports to be used in:

Prior to engaging in private practice, Peter worked with children and adults across the health and education sectors for approximately twenty years.

Peter is an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and is trained in child inclusive mediation (or child-centred mediation). He can offer mediation services working either on his own or in conjunction with other mediators who have a legal background to assist parties to reach resolution over parenting issues.

Peter’s lengthy background in child assessment and his experience across the Family Court system leaves him well-placed to provide expert assistance in understanding the complexities of children’s needs as they negotiate the adjustments required after parental separation.

Peter is an accredited Regulation 7 Family Consultant. As such, he receives referrals directly from the Court for the preparation of Family Reports, as well as accepting private referrals.